1.8.1 designer won't open configuration folder

I upgraded to 1.8.1 tonight to hopefully solve a couple of issues. I note that opening 1.8.1 designer no longer appears to work on my mac.

I see the list of items in the bottom left pane but an error pops up saying:
An error occurred while opening the configuration folder
Cannot create linked resource ‘/config/config’. The parent resource is not accessible.

I subsequently opened and edited files using designer 1.8.0 but 1.8.1 refuses to open the same folder.

Same error message here:

Additional info:
I am running ubuntu 14 64bit.
Installed OpenHAB with apt-get. It is located at “/etc/openhab/configurations”.
The parent directory above openhab is owned by root so it does not have access indeed. But why does it need any rights on the parent directory anyway?
The permissions of the directory openhab and below is read and write for all users.

Or am I looking at this from the wrong angle?

Anyone an idea how to fix this? Maybe some config file for the designer that can be changed, so that it uses an other (accessible) directory for what it is trying to do in the parent directory?


Make sure you still have the openhab_default.cfg in the configurations folder. That was my problem, I had removed it thinking it was unnecessary.

This is in the directory:

bas@Viki /etc/openhab/configurations $ ls
items        openhab_default.cfg  rules    sitemaps   users.cfg
openhab.cfg  persistence          scripts  transform
bas@Viki /etc/openhab/configurations $ 

That should not be the problem.
BTW its the first time I install the designer.

That’s good then.

One other thought. I downloaded and unpacked the designer a second time and that fixed an issue too I believe.

Other than that I don’t know, sorry.

An other odd thing. To make the designer run, I need to add a rule to the config.ini file “org.eclipse.swt.browser.DefaultType=mozilla” or it crashes on startup. So therefore I thought maybe some other configuration file needs some configuring.

No eclipse/Linux/openhabdesigner guru’s in the room to point me in the right direction?


Google found me the solution. → https://www.element14.com/community/community/design-challenges/forget-me-not/blog/2014/08/09/fmn01-ubuntu-meet-openhab
Here they state the same errors I faced. And found the solutions.

The next one I faced was while trying to start openHAB designer it stopped with this message :

An error occurred while opening the configuration folder

Cannot create linked resource ‘/config/config’. The parent resource is not accessible.

Solution :

Deleting the whole folder “workspace” and restarting the designer worked for me.

No idea what went wrong in the first place

Source : Redirecting to Google Groups

@Moxified Thank you for your time and sorry for hijacking your topic. :innocent:


No worries I was done with it :slight_smile:
Glad you found your solution. I’m running designer on my mac via samba share to debian so I didn’t run into that.