1.x bindings on Openhab2

According to the list of compatible bindings for Openhab2 the IHC binding should be compatible.
I’m quite new to Openhab and started at the Openhab2.

If I shall use the 1.x bindings on Openhab2, do I have to set it up like it is used for Openhab 1? With items, sitemaps and so on

As a general rule, yes. The OH1 bindings do not have any of the hooks in them that allow for functions like discovery or other OH2 specific things. You will need the .cfg file for the addon in the conf/services directory, and the corresponding items files for the devices. If your items are grouped into groups you already have configured in sitemaps, then it may show up in the UIs without further work. Else, you will need to also adjust sitemaps to use UIs.

Thank you for your reply, just as I thought then.
I thought so since my Elko LS did not appear after I added the binding as it did for my tellstick, just wanted it confirmed so I’m not working in wrong direction.