1.x compatabiity config data - multiple endpoints to define

Having got up to speed on the beta3 release, I’m interested in how to define the meta/config data in ESH-INF/binding/binding.xml where there are potentially multiple endpoints 1…n

As example, for each endpoint there are a number of parameters, e.g.

  <description>Binding for Siemens Logo PLC 0BA7 and 0BA8</description>
  <author>Lehane Kellett</author>

           <parameter name="logo1.host" type="text" required="true">
            <label>Logo! IP address</label>
        <parameter name="logo1.remoteTSAP" type="text">
            <label>Remote TSAP</label>

How would one define, and the user add, a second endpoint, such as logo2 via the PaperUI? Or should this be left to a cfg entry? Or left to a full OH2 binding and define each endpoint as a Thing?

I think it is probably better to leave this to using cfg files - this does not really fit into the Paper UI configuration mechanisms (although you have the chance to switch to “expert mode” and then enter such entries, but that isn’t really any more user friendly than doing it directly in the cfg file.

And yes, for OH2 bindings, such stuff is realized through things, which were exactly introduced for that (being the configurable units).

Thanks Kai,
I’ll leave it at a single endpoint for now then, as I doubt many users will have more than one PLC device to control - the favourite use case (and mine) is as the boiler/heating controller with a fallback mode if the HA fails.

I’ll take a look at an OH2 version later in the year but I’ll put a PR in for the 1.x in a couple of weeks after a bit of a tidy up.