10 Characters Passwd for community.openhab.org


i just logged in from a new PC and managed to not know my password anymore. NP, pasword reset.

What confuses me: I was forced to use 10 characters password. I mean, having upper/lower + numbers is already hard - but standard. mit 8 characters is IMHO simply… extraordinary.

My community user is now better protected than my myopenhab user.

If ever possible I’d request to loosen security there a bit…


10 characters and even longer are better :grin:


Sure sure. You can put 20+ und your phone unlock :slight_smile:!

Having strongest ever security on a community is still a bit unreasonable for me.

@Kai , are you the one to decide here?

Just create a Github or Google account and log in with it. No password required.

Google provides strong two factor auth.

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Sure. Thats a valid workaround. :slight_smile:

Or i try to get the actual issue fixed :smiley:

No, really. I easily solved this by putting some more numbers behind my usual “pasword for websites i do not really care for security”.

But i wonder why…

It’s the default setting of Discourse, we did not change anything and I don’t see a reason for changing it. If it forced you to use a different password than you use on all other sites on the web, then it already fulfilled its purpose :slight_smile:

“It was default” was not exactly the reasoning i expected…

I have to admit, the best solution regarding security in multiple systems is already mentioned by @lopez1de !

Is there any chance to migrate an existing account to google login? I could not obviously find such in the profile?!

yey, there is - if the login mail is a google mail anyways, it seems to just work. At least it did for me :slight_smile: