2.4.42 has the empty site list issue again

My phone auto updated this morning to 2.4.42
The original empty site list bug looks back

Everyone else in my house is fine because their app hasn’t updated yet

OpenHAB rendered useless in my phone again

Any developers - let me know what you need to debug it


i am in as well.
I get the following error:

Response could not be serialized, input data was nil or zero length.

I triple checked my configuration. It works locally but not via myopenhab.

same for me, working on iOS App local (or conneceted via VPN and local URL), but not via remote url using https://myopenhab.org. Using openHAB 3.4.0 Build #3020 with iOS App 2.4.52 (1580410518). Using remote access from my cars Android headunit also no success.