2.4 Customed Developed Binding (with many reference to org.eclipse.smarthome lib) Still Working on 2.5 IDE?


I thought from 2.5 onward, all references to org.eclipse.smarthome* are moving to org.openhab* or some sorts? How come all my customed plugins that i developed on 2.4 still working on Eclipse IDE without any library reference problems? For example org.eclipse.smarthome.core.thing.ThingTypeUID, it is referenced properly after all the who-ha of moving away from eclipse foundation. I am curios or i expect these 2.4 bundles will fail if deployed in 2.5M distribution. Cheer

Only the automation packages have been updated to org.openhab. The other packages will be renamed in OH 3.0. So most likely your OH 2.4 binding will still work in 2.5.

Most migration work went into replacing PDE with bnd, replacing JARs with proper Maven dependencies, removing Guava, updating build pipelines.

Thank you @wborn