2.4Ghz remote controlled TV Ceiling mount

Hi Community, I recently installed one of these:


This link shows it as IR but models coming out as RF.

Contacting the distributor they have said it is 2.4Ghz RF remote and have said the
chipset is a “Beken BK2461 MCU+RF”.

…And thats where my knowledge stops - can anyone suggest how I might achieve automating the motor of this mount?

I have achieved RF automation with 433Mhz and the Broadlink binding which required no knowledge at all thanks to the aqesome maintainers of that binding and of the shelf hardware. Im assuming I need to do something similar but with a 2.4Ghz device.

Can any one help?

Have you checked this on Github? Could be a starting point.

Thanks but im a numpty way back from even knowing how to interpret what that is.

These Libraries provide low-level communication for the bk2425 RF chips. If the documentation and code are a mystery for you, I’m afraid you have to hope for someone knowledgeable to pickup the challenge…