2 exactly identical ZWAVE devices have different channels


how can this come about?
What is the solution for this problem, I would like to have all channels of both devices …

Is one of these devices new? Or were they both added at exactly the same time?

Node 9 was added on 2019-02-22
Node 11 on 2019-03-18
I probably bought them from aliexpress at the same distance.

Just try deleting the older node and add it back again (don’t exclude it - just delete the thing and re-add it). It will then pick up the new database entry.

The issue is that OH caches the thing defintion, so changes only flow through when a thing is added.

Another problem is mentioned in the following post from me. There the two devices also show different behaviour.

You would need to provide more information - as per the binding docs.

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Sorry, wrong link.

Both devices are not plugged in, but Node 11 goes online at the mentioned time, Node 9 remains offline.

Your advice solved the problem! Thanks!

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