2 physical switches, 2 dimmers, 2 lights .... keep in sync

I have 2 zwave dimmers, controlled via 2 physical buttons controlling 2 different lights

I would like to keep those lights always in sync and actually make them act like a single device…

my problem is that the dimmer actors slowly dim up and update that dim up with slowly eg increasing states in openhab

so if I check both dimmers for “updates” after a physival button press they would affect each other


I press buton one: dimmer1 = shows now 100 in openhab
rule sees the state change and changes light 2 …
however while dimming up light 2 shows the states 30 …50 .80. 100 in sequence

now my other rule for checking state changes on dimmer 2 would actually fire and again change light one…

I hope my problem somehow is understandable :smiley:


Can you get rid of that problem by reducing the dim time to almost 0

I don’t know if it is possibie with zwave, but can’t you configure each “button” to control two dimmers? (i.e. no openHAB involvement)

Consider using an association to (also) control the ‘remote’ light.

tried that first
those qubinos have quite some flaws… association ended in a pingpong

so I was looking for some kind of smart rule