2 slight annoyances: Basic UI cant find submenu link, Android App cant find remote link

I had a sitemap that worked well in the android app, in the basic UI and the classic UI.
then i added a subframe to an existing frame. Works well in the android app and the classic app, but the basic app refuses to open it. When I checked what the link should be in the classic app and then used that as link in the basic app, it works, it just looks like the basic app doesnt see the link when positioned on the menu item.

had that before and usually after a while it disappears, but it is annoying.
Ofcourse I checked the Designer… shows no errors. logfiles no clear errors either.
ofcourse I restarted, cleared the cache, started again, at no prevail.

Code looks like this:

Frame label="Centrale Verwarming"
Text item=cvtemperatuur
Switch item=Thermostat
Setpoint item=cvtemperatuur minValue=7 maxValue=20 step=1 icon="temperature"
Text item=GF_Temperature
Text item=CVstate
Text item=TemperatureCVuit
Text item=TemperatureCVret
Text item=TemperatureBoiler
Text item=Temperature_GF_Garage label="Temperatuur CV Ruimte" labelcolor=[>2="black", <=2="red"]
Text item=CVCurrent
Selection item=CV_Heating_Mode label="CVmode []" icon="cvmode" mappings=[NORMAL="Normal (Auto)",
				OFF_SUMMER="Uit (Zomer-Standby)"
			Text item=CV_IP label="CV Node"
			Text item=CV_RSSI
			Text item=CV_IP
			Text item=CV_MAC
			Text item=CV_Uptime
			Text item=CV_version
			Text item=CV_NodeID

It is the “subframe” that I added to it.

My second annoyance is that my android app refuses to connect to the remote url (myopenhab) Not a big problem as I still can just use a browser, but just an annoyance.
I checked password/username. ok, checked secret UUID and secret code both correspond with what is on my system.
But somehow can’t connect. As said, not a huge problem, just an annoyance.
I have had that problem before, then it appeared that some how the secret codes had changed, so that was the first thing I checked

Any suggestions are appreciated…but I can live with it :slight_smile: