2 switches on same power strip = issues

I have a 6 plug powernode zwave powerstrip and figured out the hard way that google will see every item on it as one even when they are in the item file as separate items.

For example, I added the first outlet to my item file and exposed it to ga for my Christmas tree lights. then added outlet 3 to my item file and exposed it to ga for a small plugin light on the side table. now ga only shows outlet 3 in the app and turning it off or on turns both plugs off or on.

I got around this for now by creating a virtual switch and exposing that to ga instead of outlet 3 and then using rules to have that switch turn outlet 3 on and off and to update that switches status to match outlet 3 - but would like a better solution if anybody has one.

I’m not sure how the behavior you describe is possible. GA is blind to the technology that is exposed to it. All it sees are the Items and the metadata/tags on those Items telling it what the Item represents. Please post your Item definitions.

home.txt (1.9 KB)

I have the switch labeled “Christmas” with channel ending “binary1” which was the first item I added from the powerstrip. the switch labeled “snowman” is the virtual switch because if I add it as the channel it is (same id as “Christmas” but “binary3” instead of “binary1” on the end) then the “Christmas” item disappears from GA and only the “snowman” is there. turning it on or off affects both items then. so I made the virtual switch and rules to sync with the actual switch

It’s much easier if you just post the items in question in the thread using code fences (</>). That way, we don’t have to download and scan through your items file.

Switch Fireplace "Christmas" ["Lighting"] {channel="zwave:device:c8787433:node7:switch_binary1" , ga="Light"}
Switch Fireplace2 "Snowman" ["Switch"] { ga="Outlet"}

The problem now is that you’ve shown us your virtual switch, but I don’t see an item definition for Outlet 3.

As Rich says, all Google Assistant cares about are the item name, label, and the metadata that tells it the device type. Guessing at what your channels are, I think it should be:

Switch Fireplace "Christmas" {channel="zwave:device:c8787433:node7:switch_binary1" , ga="Light"}
Switch Fireplace2 "Snowman" {channel="zwave:device:c8787433:node7:switch_binary3" , ga="Switch"}

Note that you don’t need the ["Lighting"[ or ["Switch"] tags unless you’re also using these items with Amazon Alexa. The metadata (`ga=“Light”) replaces them.

That’s how I had it set up when ga acted strangely. Which is why I posted. I’ll try again this evening and see if I maybe had something wrong. I did try having them both listed as fireplace and separating with fireplace and fireplace2 as part of testing before posting which is why fireplace2 is still listed.

after some excitement with children and a trip to the ER, I finally got to test this. I restored the settings to how I had them when it acted up as a baseline to figure out what was wrong and… it worked exactly as it was supposed to. I guess Ga was just drunk the night I first tried it. Marking as solved.

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