2 USB Stick questions

Hello Community,

I want to buy an USB Stick to run OH2 under Windows on an NUC.

The first and most important question would be, which Stick?
I think after Google/Amazon research I can bring it down to three Sticks.

First I’m interested in your opinion which you would buy and why.
And my second question would be if your “votes” will go to the UZB1, than my question is, which one should I buy.
There is the 30€ version without Z-Way (What ever this is exactly) and the 90€ version with Z-Way, which one do I need?

Kind regards

Personally I would go with the Aeon Gen5 (not the Gen2!). The UZB1 is also fine, but Im pretty sure you don’t need the €90 version. The Sigma UZB1 was pretty cheap (I have one and it works fine) - Sigma make the reference design and I don’t know what Z-Way are adding to increase the value that much…

The Aeon is useful though in that you can easily take it around the house to include devices as it has a battery. Otherwise, you need to take devices to the controller, which is somewhat more difficult!

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Thanks for your answer!

My concern with the Aeon stick is just somewhere I read somthing that with 40 devices the system get very unstable?!
But maybe this is just the Gen2?!

I have used the Gen2 with more than 40 devices, and it’s fine. However, I have seen issues if there are dead devices in such a network - then bad things happen…

So far I’ve not seen any such issues with the Gen5…

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I would vote for gen5 stick. Would not waste 90€ on an unknown feature/brand zway