2 wire current sensor on RPi GPIO pins (OpenHABian)

I am currently trying to setup a 2-wire current sensor onto my RPi 3 B+ (running openHABian) using the GPIO pins. I already have to GPIO binding installed and have been doing a lot of reading on how the binding and the actual pins work.

My assumption for wiring is I will need one wire on a ground pin and the other wire on a GPIO pin with a pullup resistor to 3.3v. However I have no experience with GPIO and am hesitant to do anything until I fully understand so I don’t damage my Pi. Does anyone have any suggestions or pointers of where I might confirm what I need to do?

Thanks in advance
(if this isn’t in the right topic, let me know)

Here’s a link that should help with your GPIO connection questions.

I have moved it to DIY