2 Zwave Controllers ... Clone?


I have now a second Zwave USB Controller…

Is there a way to plug the second one additionally and clone the first one? Not sure if e.g. SUC is somehow meant for that.

My goal is to have 2 controllers in sync to replace the primary one if it fails…

Thanks for shedding some light on me :slight_smile:

Generally, this wont work quite as seemlessly as you might hope for. You can add a secondary controller, and it can be configured in the network to get network updates, however this doesn’t mean that you will be able to quickly swap this device over if the primary fails.

The problem is that much of the network traffic uses associations, or wakeup messages (in the case of battery devices) to notify the controller when certain events happen. Generally, these can’t be duplicated to work with multiple controllers. Some traffic can - some devices will support multiple devices in association groups, but often the ‘lifeline’ association group which is meant for controller notifications, will only allow a single node (ie one controller).

Likewise, the wakeup class only allows a single node (ie one controller), so battery devices will only be able to notify a single controller when they are awake.

So, while you can have a second controller, and it can know about the network, you would still need to configure quite a lot of stuff to get a new controller working.

Your best option might be to get the Aeon stick - this allows backups, so you can copy the complete configuration from one stick to another, and in the case of failure you could be up and running quite quickly simply by replicating the stick. (other controllers may also have a backup, but I’m not aware of any at the moment).


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thanks chris.
so if I understand the first optinn correct: use them in parallel to have the second controller ready with all the same inclusions means that the second controller would be e.g. node 2 and if node 1 controller fails all devices must be changed to report to node 2? this would still be better then reset all devices and include them to a new controller

however my new controller is the AEON gen5 … so that might be the better option
I just use this as my controller now and back it up once in a while

thanks for your help :slight_smile: