24V LED module, ideally RGBW

I have been, for a while, on an unsuccessful hunt for a bulb-shaped LED module that I can control with my 24V KNX LED controller.

I have no trouble finding LED strips but I am failing to find a “point” light source I could retrofit into my lamps (the bulb-module does not need to be pretty, they are not visible directly).

Basically, I would like something like a LIFX bulb or Hue bulb but without any of the smarts - LEDs, with diffuser and a cooler in the general bulb shape, with 4 wires out that I can hook into.

Any tips?

I don’t think there is something like this because the connection is always 230v so a user could literally screw up. There are 24v spots maybe that’s simething for you.

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thank you!

I did not expect anything with the actual E27/bayonet mounting, just something that could be used in a similar application (i.e. lamp expecting a point-based light source).

The link you’ve shared is definitely going in the right direction - though in too much of a direction, if you pardon the pun, as these would not work in lamps I think due to the emission pattern and lack of diffuser etc.

Will keep digging… I would really like to avoid having to build the whole light, cooler, diffuser combo myself.

I have just now remembered a post from @MDAR
12v LED Spots with individual dimming.

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