2635-222 On/Off Module not responding

I recently purchased a bunch of the 2635-222 On/Off modules to control xmas lights around the house. Paired the devices with my modem and restarted the binding … logs showed the binding found them and no errors were thrown, but when I try to control them from OH, no response.

If I control the device locally, OH reflects the status updates… so there’s some communication going on there. Seems to me I may have a config problem. Would appreciate a second set of eyes:

Item Config:
Switch LT_FF_xmas_module1 "XMAS Module 1 [%d %%]" {insteonplm="37.4A.31:F00.00.1B#switch"} Switch LT_FF_xmas_module2 "XMAS Module 2 [%d %%]" {insteonplm="36.60.6B:F00.00.1B#switch"} Switch LT_FF_xmas_module3 "XMAS Module 3 [%d %%]" {insteonplm="37.52.BE:F00.00.1B#switch"} Switch LT_FF_xmas_module4 "XMAS Module 4 [%d %%]" {insteonplm="37.4B.CB:F00.00.1B#switch"}

Switch item=LT_FF_xmas_module1 Switch item=LT_FF_xmas_module2 Switch item=LT_FF_xmas_module3 Switch item=LT_FF_xmas_module4

Do you have it cross linked as both a responder and controller?

No obvious fault in the config.

First, switch on debug logging and verify that the binding does try to send a message out. If it does, then follow Rob’s suggestion and relink: modem as controller, module as responder. You can use the Insteon Terminal to verify your link databases.

That was it (link both directions) … not sure why i find that so hard to remember