3 Bugs in Habpanel / Milight binding


I’m erperimenting with OH2, Miligt bulbs, milight binding v2.0, PaperUI and Habpanel and don’t know exactly where the followong problems come from.

  1. renaming a dashboard in Habpanel causes that the old name stays at the url
  2. copy-function in Habpanel: if I copy a widget to the same dashboard and just relink it to the right channel there is no function. Example: Milight bulb 1 with an on/off switch, a dimmer and a colorpicker. I copied all widgets to the same dashboard (= diningroom) because I have another milight bulb with the exact same functions just at another channel, edited the new widgets to link them to the right chanel - and nothing happens. Creating really new widgets and link them to the channel works.
  3. dimmer widget controls last activated milight bulb: as descriped: I’m using two identical bulbs at separate channels at one milight bridge. If I activate bulb 1 (on/off switch) and try to regulate brightness of bulb 2 via the (correct linked) dimmer, the dimmer controls bulb 1 - not the linked 2. The other way round it’s the same thing. No problem with colorpicker, this just occures with dimmer/slider (so far)