3-IN 3-OUT Ethernet or WiFi Interface

Hi all,

I work with Openhab 2 for a year now. I mostly use Homematic devices w/ CCU3 together with 20+ hue devices.

Now I need to control an electric gate which is 300m away of my house. Ethernet, WiFi and power are available. What device would you recommend to get the status of 3 contacts and control 3 relays to operate the gate, switch the light and reboot the WiFi camera ? It does not need to be the cheapest solution. I would rather like a device which is available in Germany.

Any ideas ? Thanks - Martin

You might consider a Shelly 4 Pro. This works via WiFi and has four relais outputs as well as four (mains-) input:


Integration into openHAB is there via the great Shelly binding.
AND: Despite the name, it does not require cloud connection :wink:

Hi Martin, I am a fan of wired solutions, if possible. So I guess with Ethernet available and the need to check on states and operate relays I would go for an raspberry pi. Or a ESP32 if wireless. I do not know a out of the box solution, that supports your requirements.

I used a Ethernet Relay SR-201 for a garage door. Which works perfect as an almost “potential freies Relais”. But it is only a relay. And to be honest since it is a 15€ China gadget I would not recommend it to switch 3 relays with 220v as 24/7 solution.

Siemens LOGO! 8. For example RC version has 4x 230 relay outputs, 4x digital inputs and 4x analog inputs. You could use those analog inputs for different 0-10v sensors. Used with ethernet they are very reliable. Connection to openHAB with either logo or modbus bindings.

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Thanks all for your advice. Actually I did not care about your suggestion (bad) and I purchased Homematic wired components, not knowing that only one of these wired gateways can be connected to a CCU (and I had one already). Then I reverted to the solution I chose at first place: a dedicated wireless gateway, a 3 channel contact interface and a four channel relay actor. This setup quit working after 7 days w/o obvious reason. The gateway was connected but did not reach any homematic device. After deregistering and resetting the gateway and reregistering it worked again like a treat. Now I cross my fingers that it will last longer than 7 days …

The shelly 4 pro looks very interesting - however, it seems to be unavailable at this moment, and the inputs are on line level which would require me to add a couple of relays if I used it here. Anyway, I ordered two shelly 2.5 and will check them out for future applications.

Thanks again - Martin

As a follow up: The shelly is quite nice - it was easy to set up. The inputs are configurable as separate sensors (contacts or momentary switches) or as controllers for the relays - very good. Although inputs and outputs are not separated these devices can be operated with 24 VDC. I wanted to control two 24 VAC irrigation valves. So I powered the device from the 24 VAC transformer by means of a 1N4005 diode and a 2200 uF electrolyte capacitor. Works very well …

Thanks for the tip - Martin