3 items refer to the same thing

I don’t know what to do anymore:
I have 3 LED Controllers:
Switch Arilux3_p “AUS/AN” (gArilux, gLight) {channel=“wifiled:wifiled::power”}
Switch Arilux4_p “AUS/AN” (gArilux, gLight) {channel=“wifiled:wifiled::power”}
Switch Arilux5_p “AUS/AN” (gArilux, gLight) {channel=“wifiled:wifiled:power”}

They all have different channels, which refer to the correct thing in PaperUI but they turn on/off the same controller. All channels are correct and every thing in the PaperUI has got correct (and different) IP Adresses as they should.
Am I missing something?

post a screenshot of PaperUI showing the channels plz (of 1 or 2 things)

So: If you turn off one Switch, all 3 Switches turn off?

OH2 & binding versions?


I am not sure that I understand the problem. What is the issue?

btw it looks like you are running OH 2.3.0 Stable Build (2.3.0-1 Release)

Im sorry, It’s hard to describe it.
3 of these channels turn off the SAME controller, but they should turn off the other 2 controllers.

let’s check some more stuff: post the output of the following commands within the OH2 console plz:

things list |grep wifiled
links list |grep wifiled
items list |grep wifiled
bundle:list -s |grep wifiled

Wait, how do I access the OH2 CLI?
Can I do it via Putty or Smartty?

Connecting via SSH