3 x NAS-WR01ZE ZWave switches - Can I push ZWave routing?

Pi4b, OH 2.5.10, Aeotec ZWave Stick, NAS-WR01ZE Switches

I am just installing 3 of these switches and can´t get the 3rd in the Zwave network. Can I push the automatic routing a bit?
They are all included and I even can switch the 3rd switch ON/OFF with slow reaction but it doesn´t serve values like Watt…
The ZWave network viewer shows that the 3rd isn´t connected to any of the others.
Can I push that? Maybe change the association group?

Generally use Z-Wave repeaters or mains powered devices that act as repeaters. Those are cheap Chinese switches I have often wondered if their range & sensitivity are not as good ad higher quality offerings. I have some of the US version.

Apart from the Lifeline association group 1, the other groups are used apart from the controller Z-Wave network to permit device control separate from the controller network.

One might use a group to connect a switch & light, for instance.