30 € energy-harvesting switch

Hey friends,

I picked up an EnOcean-like energy harvesting switch set at Amazon for just 30 Euros.

They come in a wall-switch / receiver set and work without batteries and with very very low latency. They also operate at 433.92 MHz.

Unfortunately I couldn’t spy anything from it with my Rfxcom RFXtrx433 with the current Type2 Firmware (1020). Tried through every single protocol, as well as undecoded. Nothing. This is why I am asking you for help.

I saw that EnOcean operates at 868 MHz so I assume, there is no need to get another 50 € USB Gateway. Does anyone have an Idea how to read and replicate the data that is on the air? The Switch is a fixed address and the receiver is learning up to 10 switches by holding the learning button.

how about trying to catch it with a soundcard on yr line in and analyze the pattern?
Ofcourse that is unless someone else has a better answer :slight_smile: