3rd Party Bluetooth Binding. Beta testers needed

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(Thomas Bail) #483

Ok, i understand. i prefer your bluetooth binding, because even with ser2net it is simpler to use. Unfortunately i did not receive data from one sensor (The miflora app does) and for battery driven devices a battery level is usefull.

So i have to wait someday someone will find out how to connect :slight_smile:

Thanks for all your work.


(Vlad Kolotov) #484

Double check this: https://github.com/sputnikdev/eclipse-smarthome-bluetooth-binding/blob/master/xiaomi.md#important

(Thomas Bail) #485

It is the latest firmware and it is only 50cm away from another sensor so i have no idea why it is not found

(Vlad Kolotov) #486

@Dibbler42, very strange. It is a bit confusing. Are you saying that the binding can discover that sensor but it is not receiving data from it? If so, can you see RSSI channel?

(Fredrik Andersson) #487

Are you sure its not paired with your phone? I had some problems too. But removing the battery and putting it back again resolved some strange issues i had with connection.

(Thomas Bail) #488

@vkolotov No, i dont see the sensor at all, as if it insn’t advertisiing anything

@Fredrik_Andersson I will try that with the battery. And i have all my sensors connected to the phone (Flower App)

(Vlad Kolotov) #489

Hey @Dibbler42, Frederik is right, your phone should not be connected to your sensors, otherwise the binding won’t see them.

(Thomas Bail) #490

Took the battery out and in again and … tata the sensor is there. Now all my plant sensors are connected.

Thanks for your help

(Thomas Bail) #491

Sh… now it is gone again. Uninstalling the Flower App an see waht is happening

(Thomas Bail) #492

Interesting. Setuo a new Raspi with BT Dongle and use hcitool lescan and is see the Flower Care device. With the binding i did not see it. It is simply not recognized. Retried the battery trick, but it did not work

Any ideas?

(Thomas Bail) #493

It seams that this is a receiver problem, because two sensores are on the veranda on one of them was the former not recpgnized one. I will have a look a the best position of my btscanner

(Markus S.) #494

Hi to all.
Which bluetooth adapter are you using to get login points in the whole haus? For presence detection for example. I am using openhabian on Ubuntu.
Thanks Markus

(Thomas Bail) #495

Now it is proven. it my windows fault. if i clode the veranda door -> not connection, if it is open i get data :slight_smile:

(Thomas Bail) #496

Hi Markus, i use the onboard BT Adapater on my raspberry 3 und an extra one connected to the usb port and a bluegiga adapter that is connected using ser2net and socat from a second raspberry 1. As you cann read in my earlier posts i have sme problems with my windows :slight_smile:

(Fredrik Andersson) #497

@Dibbler42 I’m having some troubles with my windows too, 3-glass high insulated. It’s better reception through a wooden wall which is 300 mm thick.
@Master79 im using several rpi zero w, built-in bluetooth in each one, I have a openhab installation in all of them, they send to the master with mqtt-eventbus. But i’m losing the nice feature of having device tracking in the bluetooth binding, i’m using separate rules to determine where the rssi is the highest.
@vkolotov Vlad would it be possible to implement some kind of “spoof” item/thing which can take rssi values from other sources and use the location utility in your binding? Maybe a virtual MQTT bluetooth adapter? That would really be awesome!

(Thomas Bail) #498

Windows …

The ser2net solution works very well with BlueGiga Adapters, because the access is a serial one. The is another solution calles usbip to transfer all usb ports over the net. With both solution ser2net & usbip you have all the nice binding feature and no need for mqtt.

Unfortunately i did not get the usbip solution to work. Serverside works, client side not.

(Markus S.) #499

Thanks to Frederik and Thomas.
But i don’t unterstand the steps to get more adapters.
So can i use a second pi as a bluetooth adapter. And when this is right, how can i communicate with him? A clean openhabian installation on it to start bluetooth function through linux?
My problem or my wish is to get 2 rssi values of one device to define a special position in the house.
So i have to install the binding in the second pi and finde my device? And how can i send values from the second pi to my home Server.
Thanks for help,

(Thomas Bail) #500

Hey Markus,

i plan to write a small tutorial in ser2net to extend Bluetooth. Just give me one or two days on that.


(Markus S.) #501

Very cool. :blush:

(Fredrik Andersson) #502

Nice that you are doing that, but I imagine it’s only for bluegiga devices?
@Master79 Right now I have 4 raspberry pi zero w in my house on different places. Everyone has a openhab installation and the binding. One of them is the master. With MQTT-eventbus i publish the 3 slaves rssi values to the master. Then with a rules file I determine where the signal is the highest and one String item post which room. That’s my solution, since I want to use the cheap raspberry pi zero w built in bluetooth.

The other alternative which the binding provides is that you buy a couple of long usb cables and but an adapter in the end of it in different locations in the house. That’s not an alternative for me.

Dibbler42s solution is to use other raspberry (or similar) with an bluetooth adapter (bluegiga?) and make a virtual link to the master which thinks the adapter is actually connected to the master. And the binding finds every adapter and does all the magic with location tracking.

Number  BLE_entrance_toodie_rssi "Toodie Hall Signal [%d]" <bluetooth> (gCats)
Number  BLE_bedroom2_toodie_rssi "Toodie Sovrum 2 Signal [%d]" <bluetooth> (gCats)
Number  BLE_livingroom_toodie_rssi "Toodie Vardagsrum Signal [%d]" <bluetooth> (gCats)

String  BLE_presence_where_toodie "Toodie är närmst [%s]" <hallway> (gCats)