3rd Party free Compuer Vision possibilities

I read these good experience from an HomeAssistant User: serverless AI in my backyard

but Azure is not for free to have…

Did you know any other possibilities to perform some test ???

My targhet is to automatically open the gate when my car is recognized from the ext. camera… do you think could be possible without pay services and without a dedicated stand-alone PC with openCV installed only to manage these istance ?

Thank you for your hint.


The Chapter Costs in the linked blog state it is free I you use not to many of these so called functions.

But I understand if you do not want to use a public cloud. :wink:

I guess OpenCV might be what you are looking for.
But I have no idea how this works.
I just heard about it.

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If you don’t mind fiddling around with configuration files and integrating another piece of software to your system, you might want to check out Shinobi CCTV with Tensorflow integration.

I use it to detect car on my driveway, people walking by my doorphone etc. Will do a writeup of how I did set this up some day.

With object detection (and enough confidence) you can e.g. turn your driveway lights on or warn you that someone’s at your property after midnight.
I detected a pack of foxes having fun with my watering pipes the other day :fox_face:

(my first post here after a looong time :wave:)


I think OP is interested in recognition, not just detection - my car, not any car.

That might require reading license plate with e.g. OpenALPR or alike

Following. Interested in detecting which cars are in our driveway (six families) and perhaps types of birds at a bird feeder.

Anybody knows if on the market already exist a device, in these case a camera device with built in AI recognition…maybe open cv or something open source, that can be programmed directly?

All the solutions listed abow (apart from the first, based on camera+azure cloud) is based on camera+another external device, like a raspberry, to manager the elaboration on the image recognition software.
If will exist a sort of “embemmed” solutions could be interesting…

P. S.
Something reliable ti work with OH3… also esp32 cam have a sort of face recognition but face detection can not be changed in object or text recognition and the hardware is very poor

Good video
Here is a good solution example but is very expensive!