404 error when iOS is trying to connect openHAB

Hi there,

i’ve just set up my new openHAB installation and put a new sitemap and items file into the corresponding folders. I’m able to connect to the sitemap with the browser via the URL

What is not working is the connection to the sitemap via iOS app. I get a 404 not found error. :frowning:

Attached you will find the settings of the iOS app. What is causing the problem?

When I remember correctly you need a trailing slash in the apple world:

But: I’m Android user :grinning:

Edit: and if you would like to connect via mobile connection and not wifi, you need port forwarding or my.openhab.org.

I am iOS user, and (at least with my iOS app) the trailing slash isn’t necessary.

As sihui already mentioned, you should delete the remote URL. If you are not in your local wifi, you need port forwarding on your router or (that’s what I did) use my.openhab.org.

Have you chosen your sitemap “efb” under “select sitemap” in your app?

I’ve changed the local URL to and deleted the remote URL. I’m only accessing the app via WiFi (or VPN when i’m not at home).

I also renamed my sitemap to default.sitemap which means i can open it with in the browser.

It is also possible to select the sitemap in the iOS app but it still shows an 404 error when the app is trying to load the sitemap.

What does your openhab.log tell you about that?

Do you connect via your iPhone browser or with a PC/MAC? If you connect with PC/MAC, try connecting the same way with your iOS browser. Does this work?

Thx guys, i’ve fixed this issue. The reason was an uncorrect label in the sitemap config. :frowning:

this is interesting and sounds a little bit weird also. :wink:
as I’m currently having what appears to be exactly the same problem … could you please give an example what exactly was wrong with your label?