433 MHz Keyfob


I’m thinking of getting one of these 433MHz key fobs for my RFXtrx433E with OpenHAB: https://www.amazon.de/gp/product/B000N6UG8W/ref=s9u_simh_gw_i1

My question is before buying it, whether it is possible to use this as a remote for OpenHAB, i.e., send commands from button A/B/C/D via the RFXtrx433E to OpenHab, such that, e.g., the alarm turns off, light rule is triggered, …

If it is possible, I’d be happy if somebody could give me a hint how/where to start with it as I’m pretty unfamiliar with the 433,92 MHz devices.

Thanks a lot in advance.

I have 4 of these working.

What I did was that I send commands with rfxmgr when fob was in record mode. It was quite easy after I figured how to set the fob to record mode.

After that I connected rfxtrx to openhan and fobs where discovered and I was able to build rules for different buttons.


Hi @Ari_Hagman

thanks for your reply. Which commands did you send in which mode from rfxmgr? Also - what mode did you set for the fobs in OpenHAB (I suppose you used Paper UI)?

I got one of these fobs today, but I haven’t managed yet to get any reaction, but I suppose one needs to know which settings in RFXmgr are correct.

Thanks for your help!


I used Lighting4. See bellow:

First 8 bits contains the sensor id and last 4 bits will have the command.

To send off Command set last bit to zero. I’m just sending on command tough…

Just ensure that Lightning 4 is on.

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Hello @Ari_Hagman

thanks a lot for your hints. Unfortunately the fob is not reacting, but might be I haven’t found out how to put it in record mode. This one from Amazon came without any manual or any documentation. What I figured out is that it seems that pressing A+B same time resets is (fast blinking of the LED). But I got no idea how to put it into recording mode. I think I’ll send it back and look for another 433 key fob. Do you have a recommendation / which one are you using?