433mhz module

Hello @Josar

I have my ./RFmqtt working and no error or any type of message showing, except I don’t receive anything from my door sensor only for ./RFSniffer I do receive a signal.

I just uncommented the line /* Include for debugging */ nothing changed yet

last night I did fresh install again and this time I didn’t install wiringpi as I mentioned its no longer available on the main site but it appeared to me that its already installed and no need to do anything

this is the only thing I get when running ./RFmqtt

pi@raspberrypi:~/433Utils/RPi_utils $ ./RFmqtt
Running with -h localhost -p 1883 -u admin -x password -t 433MHz -g 17 -w 0

yes I changed my gpio to see if others work but still no luck!

Can you test

  1. Add a print before the sleep.
  2. use usleep(500U) instead if nanosleep
  3. Make the sleep longer for nanosleep

I am not sure exactly if i did this right?

         //print usleep(550U); # i added print here and changed 500U to 550U
         nanosleep( &req, (struct timespec *)NULL);



// remove nanosleep by commenting out.
// nanosleep( &req, (struct timespec *)NULL);

nothing changed, i tried running it from root and same !


i feel like im missing a library for mosquito but not sure

by the way Thank You @Josar for replaying and helping anyway :+1:

Did you follow the readme?

Yes, all the steps one by one

The mosquitto dependencies are listed in the readme.

if you talking about his one as i have already installed it

sudo apt-get install libmosquitto-dev

so that’s what i did as fresh install:
1-installed Full Buster from here https://www.raspberrypi.org/downloads/raspbian/
2- sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade -y
3-followed your steps on your page here: https://community.openhab.org/t/rfsniffer-433mhz-receiver-rpi-and-mqtt/39515
4- from #3 above i did install mosquitto+clintes and the libmosquitto-dev
5- installed 433Utils and changed the Makefile and add RFmqtt.cpp than changed the gpio to 27 for rfmqtt and for rfsinnfer its already set to 2 so than i hit sudo make

NOTE I have not installed wiringpi as i mentioned before it comes pre installed and i also tried it on with manual installation before!

6- i have replaced and adjusted

/* Include for debugging */  &
// remove nanosleep by commenting out.
// nanosleep( &req, (struct timespec *)NULL);

no success yet !!!

This does not sound as if you use the same pin for RF sniffer and RFmqtt.

Also make sure to use the correct pin numbering.

Pins are set right i believe, i followed the wiringpi diagram, so my RFSniffer is set to wiringpi pin 2 = gpio 27
My RFmqtt set to gpio 27 = pin2 in wiringpi

I need to mention somthing hopefully its not too late
My RPI3 uses wifi usb dungle so i am wondering if this might effect it ? I have had it working before with the same setup using same pi and usb wifi

So you use wiringpi 2 for both.

Isn’t supposed to be so?!
Your link for RFmqtt.cpp has pin#3 so i changed it to 27 so that can equal to pin 2 of wiringpi diagram for RFSniffer
And by the way i have tried rfmqtt with pin3 and multiple pins and same nothing happens!
I am now trying Stretch and going to Try Jessie and will update back …

When you have the corect pin for rfsniffer and you recieve something than you can usw this pin also for RFmqtt.


sorry to bother you @Josar
i been trying my best with this but no moving forward yet, i dont like to give up on this yet cause i know it worked perfect for me before so here is what i have seen on my logs

when i hit this line
mosquitto_sub -u admin -P adminpassword -v -h -p 1883 -t '#'
i do receive signal from my 433mhz door sensor
also my logs now seems to be changed for better, i can see it receiving the signal here : mymosquitto.log (182.1 KB)

using MQTT.fx i do get signal between both no problem

when i run ./RFmqtt which is inside my 433Utils/RPi
i receive nothing, i do think its the mosquitto problem still for some reason!

I don’t understand what you try to tell me here.

How can you recieve a mqtt message with the 433Mhz topic if RFmqtt does not work?

For me this sounds as if you allready have RFmqtt running as deamon. And thus the 433Mhz door sensor is allready translated to an mqtt topic. Now you need to configure Openhab MQTT to receive this MQTT topics.

I think there is a embedded MQTT broker which can be enabled or use Mosquitto (or any other) as broker. Also you will need to install the MQTT binding. See this thread which explains this in detail.


Hi, i have mentioned that my when i run RFmqtt i get no signal no error no nothing, i put up my logs and if you check i do get a signal from my sensor, regarding the OH i cant get it to connect if RFmqtt not receiving signal, i have read everything regarding the OH new mqtt embedded and other bidding that belongs to MQTT and all seem to be clear, my problem seems to be more with either the RFmqtt or the Mosquitto itself.

One thing, Can you confirm if the RFmqtt working for you or anyone that you know? Than i can make sure that i have problem only in myside for sure