433mhz motion sensors

I have some some kerui motion sensors kicking about ad want to link them to openhabian for an alarm system.

i have put a receiver on the pi and thoink its set up but doint know how to detect it.

any help would be appreciated.

I’m afraid this is going to be a little more involved than just plugging the receiver into the your OpenHAB pi and going from there. Generally, the 433 signals are captured on a dedicated arduino or pi, decoded, then sent to a MQTT broker over the network. OpenHAB would get the data sent from the MQTT channel and act on it. There is a nice tutorial on how to do this here:

At first this may look impossible but once it is up and running, having a working MQTT is a great addition to OpenHAB as it allows cheap, custom sensors and controllers you can make yourself.

I looked at tha post a few times but to me it seams its all on one pi or is he using a pi as a broker and another pi or machine as openhab.

I have a few nano’s lying around i could use as a broker, do you have a link or somethign on how to set one up ?

Cheers in advance


Here is the possibilities that you have:

  • Use pilight program and the corresponding binding on your pi
  • Use RFlink on an arduino mega connected to your pi

Or with an mqtt broker installed on your Pi

Here is also some other proposals in this blogpost:

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