44/5000 How to make my VPS server communicate with IFFT

managed to install the openhub server on a VPS where it publishes the articles correctly but when I go to associate Ifttt from the IFTTT.com site openhub does not let me put my Openhub but offers me the default https://myopenhab.org.
How can I enter my address to show the published articles.
Thank you all

my mistake with the copy paste

Hello, Matteo, this forum is in English only please

Would this help?

I don’t think so. They are trying to use a private cloud server.

I confirm that I am trying to use a private openHAB cloud server using IFTTT for use with google home
this possible ???

Installed openhab is running locally, created VPS server to publish the items in order to associate them IFTTT to create events.
But when I go to the account created on the IFTTT.com site I use the openhub service to mada me on the official myopenhab site where there are no items published so I can’t associate them.
I need to associate my server vps items with standar procedure so that iftt points to my address, not the original one

Thanks, I didn’t get that

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Good find!

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sorry but I can’t find this where it needs to be changed (IFTTT API URL in the General section of the API tab)

Me neither because I am not using this, sorry.

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You need to read the complete post, then you will find this one

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thank you so much for help