4G + Wifi Device hosting openhab

Hi all,

I’m looking for a single board PC to host openHAB on. This PC will connect via 4G, run Ubuntu 16.04 or newer and be able to create a wifi hotspot.

So far I’ve dug up the following:


Embedded PC

Has anyone had any experience with a setup such as this?

Have you considered a single board comp then plug in a usb 4g dongle or get a 4g router/hot spot device.

Asking as maybe your options may open wider. Of curse I understand this option may conflict with other requirements.

Hoping to achieve that setup using a single device however could be an option if no better alternative is available.

Have you run openHAB on a single board computer before? So many different options out there now it’s hard to know which is best.

I use the raspberry pi. I love it they are inexpensive and work well for something like openHAB. I have three pis running right now for various applications.

Hi @SentreTech,

I’m curious. why are you looking at Firefly-RK3399? (I don’t have any experience with the RK3399.) It seems pretty expensive though just to run openHAB. Like @Thedannymullen, I also use a PI (3B), and I’m quite satisfied using it to manage a combined Insteon and ZWave network. The PI also has the advantage or pretty broad support here in the openHAB community and elsewhere on the Internet.


I agree with both @Thedannymullen and @Burzin_Sumariwalla support for the RPI and most everything you attach to it can be found here on the forum.

If your good with linux and understand how everything is structured then support won’t be a big deal. It’s always good to have someone use OH on a new device and share with the community. Unfortunately, most people starting out with OH have very little linux experience and sticking to a common platform is best.

Hey @Burzin_Sumariwalla,

I was looking at the RK3399 as it had greater specs, upgradeable RAM and could boot Ubuntu 16.04. My only concern with the PI is related to performance. I use the IPcam binding to get snapshots from 4 cameras around my house which is quite taxing on the system.

@H102 Fair point, I have a PI at home so is worth setting up as a proof of concept atleast. My main requirements are the ability to connect via 4G and create a wifi hotspot. Which the PI could potentially achieve with something like this

Will post my results, thanks all