A big thanks for all contributors

I have been running openhab1.7 and 1.8 the last year to control my house (mostly based on zwave) successfully (ok spending the necessary nights to get all the configuration right and optimized). In december I installed openhab2, which was a successful and nice experience.
Currently i’m preparing a course on low power IoT where my students will work around the case of building automation and the easy of installation and configuration on openhab2 made me decide to use openhab2 as the central coordinator of their system; They will mainly develop low power sensors commutating with DASH7 which post messages using mqtt and so to openhab. Their focus is on the low power design of their embedded devices. but openhab makes it easy for them to demonstrate their applications.

thanks again for all contributors.

I myself have currently around 40 zwave devices in my installation and adding DASH7 devices so I can help the development of the ZWave database.