A binding for Mobotix MxMessageSystem


I have a T25 video door station from Mobotix and I would like to get it to pass information to OpenHab. I know how to make it trigger openhab items but for the special case that I’m targetting, the normal mechanisms are not enough (I am trying to capture in openhab the “RFiD card events” with the triggering RFiD card identifier included in the message - and this is supported only via MxMessageSystem - APIs are provided but they are in C++…
See here http://developer.mobotix.com/ (scroll down one page) for info on it (there is a readme.html file in the zip file if someone wants to look at the details).

I think what is needed is to build a binding, but since I have never done it, I was wondering what would be the closest example of binding I could look at to have an example to adapt to fit this specific case?


isn’t it possibile to use basic ipnotify protocol?
I’ve set up an http daemon that listen for http messages from mobotix camera.
I will use it to record sensor states from cameras and print them in an openhab sitemap or trigger OH events

Thanks Dexter for your feedback. The issue I face is that the T25 door station is NOT able to send the information of e.g. RFiD badge used to open the door (confirmed by Mobotix support). The same support suggested i should use the MxMessageSystem so I’m now trying to understand how to do it:slight_smile:

I do use ipNotify protocol from the T25 for other things e.g. bell event etc…

I hope this makes more sense?

Update : I finally was able to do what I was trying to do… I thought I would update this topic for the sake of completeness.

What I wanted to do : Get the information from the T25 about RFID or PIN granted access (basically who got granted access and when).

The problem : As I mentioned above, the T25 can not provide the information on e.g. the badge that was granted access in the TCP messages.

The solution that I discarded : trying to develop something to generate the messages needed from T25 as explained above.

The solution that seems to work : Use the TCP messages to notify Openhab that “a” RFID or PIN access was granted and then trigger from Openhab an access to the T25 dedicated log file containing the detailed info on what RFID badge or what PIN got granted access and when.
This is basically a 1 line script with a curl call to the log, piped into a tail -n 1 to get the last line, and then some parsing of this line… Simple, but it took me a while to get it working :slight_smile:


I am quite new to OpenHab… programming stuff :slight_smile:
Yet, i have a Mobotix system at my home … with T25 video interfon and Q25 cameras.

I want to open the door via Alexa. and i know this can be done via openhab.

thefathefa, can i kindly ask you for some guidance into this? I wanted to send you a private message yet i do not have any button for that.

Many Thanks for any help you can offer me .

Kind Regards


I don’t know about Alexa as I don’t use it but I can help you get OpenHab drive the opening of the door, then you’ll deal with the Alexa part :slight_smile:

My item to drive the opening of the door looks like this:

Switch DoorOpen { http=">[ON:GET:http://THEUSERNAMEHERE:THEPASSWORDHERE@]", autoupdate="false" }

You can try the door opening URL first in a browser directly and then you should be able to quicky get the item working as well. Then, Alexa…

I hope this helps.

Thank you so much for this replay.

Can you give me a private message so we can talk more over there?

Where do i need to put this code? :slightly_smiling_face:

As i said… i am a total newbie on this :slight_smile:


Ah, yes, you first need to have an openhab setup up and working.

Did you follow the tutorials/guides on how to setup openhab and get started? I’m not fluent enough to guide you through how to setup openhab, sorry. I did it once one year ago but this is about it on my experience in setting up openhab. Since then I build on what I have.
Helping you would mean do it again myself and I don’t have enough time for that.

yes… i have a openhab setup working …

with localhost:8080 and so on… where do i need to create the file in which i add that script/comand?

I refer in c:\openhab2\conf\items ?

Thank you so much for all your time!

Yes, absolutly, in the items folder, you need to create a misc.items file with the definition I gave you and check the log file to be sure that everything goes fine when you save.
Then you create a sitemap file in the sitemaps directory and expose the switch. Then you should be able to switch on and off…

So I manage to create the items file as misc.items and i see the button created in openhab browser: items

Yet at sitemap … i do not know what code to put … can i get a hand on that?

Thank you

Specifially for your case I think something like this should work:
sitemap default label="Home" { Default item=DoorOpen }

Everything is explained here:

and here:

Those are the first two pages Google returns when you search for “openhab sitemap” :wink:

I know am stresfull … yet i never did this before :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your time on this…

Testing it in my browser i get his message:

ERR - call not supported

Do i need to modify something also in mobotix?


Did you do this, first :

This is the first thing you need to do to be sure that the T25 does accept the command, independantly of openhab…

I tried after i worked my nuts on openhab…

now when i put http://myusername:mypassword@myip/control/rcontrol?action=customfunction&action=sigout&profile=~Door

it gives me : ERR - call not supported in the browser

profile= ~Door is created in Mobotix admin.outgoing calls settings?

As far as I remember this command is supported by the T25 out of the box.

But reading your URL, I think there has been some transcoding errors when I pasted it and you should replace &amp by & as follows:

So now i have this code:

Switch DoorOpen { http=">[ON:GET:http://myuser:mypass@myip/control/rcontrol?action=customfunction&action=sigout&profile=~Door]", autoupdate=“false” }

Is this correct?

I still get an error in visual studio code when i put it …

when i go to browser with http://myusername:mypassword@myip/control/rcontrol?action=customfunction&action=sigout&profile=~Door

It gives me the message: OK

Any ideea? :slight_smile:

If when using the URL in the browser it says ok, it is a good step… Did you check if it did open the door?
Then, I’m not sure how to help with the error you get in visual studio, would help if you could indicate the error you get.

One thing you may want to check : did you install the http binding in openhab? This might very well be the missing step.

Once again i thank you for this guide …

Quite difficult to get all together when is your first time you write a code line :slight_smile:

So when i try the http in the browser it gives the message OK… and door is opening.

So i see also the sitemap now in BasicUI … in PaperUI i cannot see it.

Also, i added the Http bidding.

Regarding the error with the server i resolved it as it was needed to add in virtual studio the locahhost as the server…

Yet, when i go to Basic UI and press the button it does not open it …

Need to search more on it …



Check the openhabian traces to see if when you press the button for the switch, you get something. Tell us what you see there…