A clever github repository structure for pull-requests?!

Hey everybody,

my colleagues and I have created several small bindings (e.g. for samsungs tizen-based TVs) and are currently thinking about a clever github structure to contribute to the main project. We are new to the whole open-source stuff and are - to be honest - a little bit uncertain how to setup our repositories.

What is the best way?
Fork the main project and only add one specific binding and create the pull request?
Create a repository for each binding and use these repos as submodules in our fork?
Maintain two forks, a clean one for pull request and one for our developement?
Mix everything in the fork and hope that Kai is going to have lots of fun while merging?

Any Advice / link / howto is appreciated :smile:!


Hi Jonas,

assuming your bindings has been developed for openHAB (2) i would suggest the following:

does that answer your question?

Best, Thomas E.-E.

Thx for the fast reply Thomas - question answered :smile:!