A Group of Hue-devices, exposure via HUE-Emulation, strange behavior and at least a workaround

Hi there,

I’ve stumbled today over a pretty nasty problem:

  1. I combined a HUE lightstrip and a HUE bloom* into groups (one for on/off, one for dimmer, one for color) - the difference between the “Lightstrip” and the “Bloom” is, that only the “Lightstrip” supports “Color Temperature”.

  2. I was able to use these groups from basicUI (on/off, dimmer and color) without problems

  3. I exposed the groups via HUE-Emulation to Alexa

  4. Alexa was able to turn the lights on and off, also to adjust the dimmer, but with colors it became strange. Sometimes it worked, sometimes the lights went just off, after asking to set them “blue”, etc.
    I already have working configurations for multi-bulb/-lamp-, even room-setups, eg lamps having more then one HUE-bulb.

In the end my workaround was a rule (and moving the HUE Bloom out of the groups):

rule “Synch Bloom”

Item GF_Lightstrip_Couch_on_off_1 changed or
Item GF_Lightstrip_Couch_Dimmer_1 changed or
Item GF_Lightstrip_Couch_Farbe_1 changed


This works with some delay.
Does anyone of you have had a similar problem and a better solution?

Thx in advance,

It came to my mind, that instead of a group I could use virtual items - the rule itself would then react to a change to the virtual item and then change the “real” items, instead of reacting to a real item. This should remove the delay.

Didn’t worked out - same behavior as with groups