A little help with Hue state

I’m new to Openhab and not a programmer so I have been trying to learn the basics behind configure my Hue and Insteon lights to do more than just basic control. One thing I would like to do is run some rules base on the state of the Hue bulbs.

For now all I would like to do is get the state of a Hue bulb and report it on my Sitemap. From there I can play with rules. I just cant get this to work based on reviewing others code. This is my latest try of many :frowning:
Any help would be appreciated.

So for item:
Dimmer Light_SF_Kitchen “Kitchen” (GF_Kitchen, Lights) {hue=“3”}

String Kitchen_Light “Light_SF_Kitchen [%s]” {Hue_3=“Light_SF_Kitchen.status”}

Frame label=“HUE Lights” {
Text item=Kitchen_Light

What are you seeing and what are you expecting to see? “Doesn’t work” doesn’t tell us much about what is wrong.

I was expecting to see the hue status on the sitemap.:slight_smile:

Do you see the Item listed or not? Does it show "-"instead of the state? Or does it show something else unexpected?

I really is no fun trying to play 20 questions to extract the information we need to try and help.

Sorry it took me a bit to get back to this.

All I am looking for now is to display the state of the hue bulb on my sitemap. So is it on or is it off or is it not responding.
I have not been able to post any state of the hue bulb at all on the sitemap. All I see is a “-”.

The plan is to have a number of rules to work with the hue status to affect my Insteon switches and vice-versa.

“-” means uninitialized. So either your Hue bulbs have not changed state since you created the items or there is something wrong with the Hue binding config.