A single user interface to all your systems!

Go to the main openhab.org website, and one of the banner images says “A single user interface to all your systems!” and has a picture of a user interface on a computer, tablet and phone.

What is that referring to?

I can’t tell from the pictures, but it doesn’t look like what I see if I view a “sitemap” from those devices using the native iOS app for example. Is that “HABPanel” just viewed through a browser on tablet/phone (doesn’t look like it on the tablet, could be on the phone?"

Any wisdom on what the “best” route is at the moment for writing the user interfaces? Is it “sitemap” or “habpanel”, or indeed “habmin dashboards” (assuming they aren’t the same as either of the other two, I can’t actually tell!".


The pictures you quote are different sitemaps shown on different devices.

OK, thanks.
The phone one though has obviously had a “style” applied, as it’s black rather than white.
Is that just what it looks like on Android (I have an iPhone)?


Yes, android app supports a dark skin.