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Thanks, thats great!

Hi to all and to @Sleugner @kklausl @ML1982

I had some issue with the virtual devices in the last days therefore I come a bit later with the new version.

The idea to implement the keep-alive signal from the binding is currently not possible. The keep-alive signal is not working as specified in the f@h documentation. The maybe the best solution is to set the TTL to “-1”… if B-J is correcting the behaviour I would like to implement it, but now I have to put back to the backlog.

I had also problems with the COdetector and also with the FIREdetector, because both of them are undocumented. The other virtual sensors shall work, I tested all of them in my environment, however some of the virtual sensors are only producing some signal for the event generation and cannot be displayed on the dashboard

I changed the code in the DoorBuzzer it was a bug… hopefully working. If not @ML1982 please post the JSON file of your 7"touch panel or please give the data point pairing ID for the Buzzer datapoints.

I added a new channel to the RTC, @ML1982 as you requested, it will be added additionally for the RTC devices. I do not have this device therefore I would be great if you could make a test with the RTCs

I created code for the dimming actuator, to answer the request from @Sleugner. However with the status change looks for me a bit strange, in my environment the sensors are reporting their state.
maybe it is depending on my setup with the RF devices. Do you have wired or wireless sensors? if you still have issues, please come back to me.

I made a test with the set point temperature and tried to reproduce the error, which @ML1982 had, the binding is working with my thermostats properly, I checked with slider and stepper items, but the set point is handled correctly in both cases.

Below you can found the current binary, it would be great if you could make some tests in your environment, especially the switch/dimmer sensor values and RTC set point temperature

Thank you in advance…

if you give (hopefully positive) feedback I will transfer the changes to the official pull-request

have a nice evening…

thanks for all your effort - I really appreciate it! I will test the new release…!

@UhA Thanks!!

  • the additional channel for the RTC works well
  • with the door buzzer i’ve still the initialisation error, I’ve posted some Screenshots and Details on github

Hello to all

I found the the bug in the Door Opener, which was not in the door opener but in the strange JSON content of touch panel. Some “null” pointer handling was missing, and this invalid configuration use-case is handled without error. Thanks to @ML1982 for the JSON output, which helped to find the root cause.

You can find some details to this in the issue.

The release can be found here. Now the door opener shall work correctly

have a nice day to All.

thanks a lot, the Door Buzzer works.

Nice… thank you the test.