Ability to add a snapshot binding to show as a Thing

Hi all,

Still a big learning process for me here, but thanks to some good folks, I was able to get a Russound binding (for RNET) to show as active in my karaf console. Now, I am trying to add it as a Thing, but it does not show up on the Paper UI (under configuration:thing or bindings), and need to some help adding manual. I set up a russound.cfg file giving the IP and port (of my GlobalCache ip to serial device – that has binding active) and put it in /etc/openhab2/services/russound.cfg.

Any pointers. Thanks

OH 1.x bindings do not use or know Things at all. Perhaps you want to create an Item and bind it.

Thank you rossko57. I went back to find an item definition, and got it to work. What a relief to know that this can work.

Now cant wait for original author to update his work.