Ability to change MyQ refresh to min of 10 instead of 30sec

Respectively the current 30 sec refresh limit is way too long to poll especially for timely reaction to rule triggers based on status. Want and should be able too trigger on Garage door “opening” and not have to wait for “open”. At current GA version it is hit and miss with the limit set to 30 only.

BTW… OpenHAB is a great opensource product.


I thought there was something in the code that did a fast poll after a command was sent to the door. But I haven’t looked at the code in quite a while… @digitaldan do you know?

Yes. Here it is.


Are you seeing behavior different from that?

So FYI Myq is very agressive about locking accounts if you poll too frequently. We put sane defaults in so to protect users, but also so openHAB would not be targeted/blacklisted.

When you send a command, we temporarily speed up our polling, this mimics thier mobile apps (or at least did). There was a lot of trial and error to come up with this, and a lot of personal account locking.

The only thing stopping the binding from polling more frequently then 30 seconds normally is this line:

We could make this configurable lower, but at some point below 30 seconds your account will/might be locked.

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Thanks for the explanation.

So, if you use openHAB to command the door to open or close, you benefit from the rapid poll. But I guess the downside is if you use a remote, or the Homelink button in your vehicle, you will continue to poll at the “normal” refresh rate. Is this correct?

First off… thank you for the quick response.

Totally get the refresh polling timing with regards to over polling. I have never ran into an issue with 12 which was the default with IFTTT. I think that it should be up to user with a disclaimer/warning but appreciated saving people from themselves. :sunglasses:

Maybe make 12 the min. Is there an easy way for me to fix this?

Maybe something like this would suffice…

Thanks again.

Hey there, Dan.

I tried to manually edit this but it doesn’t seem to take it even after clearing the cache and tmp dir’s and resetting the OpenHAB server.


Yeah, it needs to be changed in the binding. I’ll look at opening a PR with this change.

Thanks Dan.

I thought so. Again, thank you for the quick response. Very much appreciated!

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