Able to create widget for Garage Door?

For my garage door I have 2 items setup in OH. One which is the switch to activate the door lifter and then another which is a contact that tells me if the door is closed or not.

How could I set this up as one widget in HABPanel? The “switch” only lets me link it to one item… So I kind of need something that lets me link it to a switch but use a contact to show the open/close status.

Being able to have 2 different icons to reflect open/close would be super awesome!

Either use a proxy item with a rule, or use manual icon and visibility.
In sitemap:

Switch item=MyGarageDoorSwitch icon=garage-open visibility=[MyGarageDoorState!=CLOSED] mappings=[ON="Close"]
Switch item=MyGarageDoorSwitch icon=garage-closed visibility=[MyGarageDoorState==CLOSED] mappings=[ON="Open"]

This will draw one Item in the sitemap, either with the “open” or the “closed” icon. there will be a Button to open or close the door. Please keep attention to the fact, that the door will be shown as open, when openHAB starts up and the State of the door is uninitialized.
Solution with proxy item:

rule "garage door 1"
    Item MyGarageDoorState changed

rule "garage door 2"
    Item MyGarageDoorProxy received command

Then you have to use the proxy item instead of the real ones in the sitemap.

EDIT: Sorry, did not see the HABPanel label at first place…

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I’ve been using Rotini for a few years now…
Am currently trying to see if I can do everything I need with HABPanel.

I already have this working properly in my classic sitemap… I’m trying to do it in HABPanel now…



I have a garage door which works with two switches. One for open, one for close.
Then I have two reed sensors, one for fully open, one for fully close.

Is it possible, to have a switch in habpanel, which only shows the actual possible direction:
Reed Closed = 1 --> switch is Red and label is open {knx=5/1/1}
Reed Open = 1 --> switch is Green and label is close {knx=5/1/2}

If that is not possible, how can I show the status for the door. The usual contact item is not the right thing becaus i have three possible stati,
OPEN, CLOSE, something between.
With the usual contact item I can only handle one reed sennsor, but not CLOSE doesn´t mean fully open.

I hope some of you guys can help me with that issue.


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Exactly my steup too and my porblem too.

Do you have found a solution?