Abode Security Binding?

Is anyone working on something like this? Would be nice to tie Abode into OpenHAB.

Would be nice indeed. Home assistant has already an abode component using the abode api:
Unfortunately I am not capable of implementing such a binding.
For the moment I am using Alexa to copy the abode sensor status into openhab, far from ideal…

I’m working on porting the AbodePy library into an openHAB binding. Initially I plan to only do a read only binding but we can build out from there. I’ll post links when I have something that’s an alpha quality.

That’s great news!
Let me know if you need any help with testing when you are ready.

Any luck in porting the AbodePy library into a openHAB binding?

I’ve got the AbodePy library ported into Java - and it seems to be working - I’ll get it published to GitHub / maven a bit later today.

GH: https://github.com/mindstorms6/abodeJava

Still need to now use that library as an OpenHAB binding - but progress.

@mindstorms6 any outcome of your research?

Getting there - it’s a slow going process. The abodeJava library I ported does seem to work, though it occasionally hangs (I’m pretty sure I messed up some threading / close handlers) - but the remainder is just porting into an OpenHab binding. That shouldn’t be too hard - I can try to spend some cycles on it.