About Network Camera Authenticate Question!

I bought a Network Camera,model is DCS-2132L of D-Link Corporation.I configure the network parameters ,and use a PC with a secure browser to connect to my Camera,the url is:http://localIP/video1.mjpg
but,the browser pop up Authenticate window,I enter the user name and the password I created in the Configure Wizard(must configure password).And the Camera works Good.So I modify the configure file<demo.site>:
Webview url="" height=8
Run start.sh,and I use a PC with browser to Browse the openHAB page,and the browser also pop up Authenticate window,and Again I enter the user name and the password,the video picture display on the browser.And I use IPhone with the browser safari and Chrome,the result is the same as a PC with browser.
But,I use IOS openHAB Client ,access to the Camera,the Authenticate window do NOT pop up。
So what can i do for this question? I just want to access to the Camera with the openHAB APP .
Note:my Camera support RTSP that do not need Authenticate.

The only way I’ve found this to work on the iPhone app is pointing openHAB to the image url of the camera’s jpeg feed, updated several times per second. Something like:

Image url="http://admin:password@" refresh=250

However the iphone app is a bit buggy displaying images, and every so often the image is squashed vertically or missing entirely. I am hoping openHAB 2 fixes that.


Hi Dan
Thanks for your remind,I modify the configure file like you suggested.the Authenticate question is pass.
But as you said,its not good,But the IOS ophenHAB APP do NOT display(I GUESS the picture size is big,because the video picture size on the browser is big) . So I modify the configure file:

Webview url=“http://admin:mypassword192.168.0.133/video2.mjpg” height=8

The result is good.But Still I do NOT know how to modify the webview size.(the sitemap Element Webview only has height option)