About refresh and stay on top with HabPanel

Hi, I’ve two questions.
I’ve openhab on alwaysON tablet, and have two questions. Can I refresh habpanel by keyboard ? (I’ve automation by app automate) and can simulate key.
Second, sometimes tab wake up and no habpanel, openhab switching to sitemap, maybe becouse of some network issuse ? i don;t know. What to do to save habpanel always on main screen ?

I don’t think so, but HABPanel should always be up to date, isn’t it?

Maybe this unofficial app suits better for you: GitHub - vbier/habpanelviewer: An openHAB integrated kiosk browser

all good but I’m waiting for refresh about 20-30seconds after tab wakup. For 20-30sec I still see old states.

After update openhab beta its good now ! about 4 sec delay is ok.