About REST using

when I use REST put action change item state,the binding handleCommand function can not get the message,but paper UI change item,the handleCommand function can get message.I found the paper UI use not put function,it uses post function.It’s must use post function send an command.

Please post your Item definition and the REST API call you are trying to use.

Note that PaperUI only “commands” Things, not Items, to my knowledge. And indeed, the REST API for changing the state of a Thing is PUT. There is no such thing as a command for Things.

How can i use REST API to find out if a thing is ONLINE or OFFLINE? Does things have a .state?

Read the REST API Docs (they can be separately installed via PaperUI in the Misc tab):

OK, i can see the UUIDs for instance

"thingTypeUID": "harmonyhub:hub"

How can i create a rule to poll its status?

The search function is useful:

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