About to uninstall openHAB

Unfortunately my experience with openHAB is mixed, at best. The digitalstrom binding is not useable. It frequently reports wrong states and does not execute commands… A reboot helps but a couple of hours later it stalls again. I even went so far and did a clean install again as I thought I messed up something on the way to set it all up…

Digitalstrom itself works like a charm. It is the communication between the two. My other components of homematic all work without problems.

Support in the digitalstrom department is below par as well. Seems like only a handful of people use digitalstrom with openHAB. A pity, really. The only thing that annoys me is the time I invested in vain.

Good news however is, that digitalstrom and homematic are working on a interface… I guess, I better move on.

Could you descibe your issues with the digitalSTROM Binding — apart from the issue on github — a bit more detailed.
I am using it from the beginning (openHAB 1.x) with GR, SW and GE devices and can say that it is working absolutely reliable. Never faced any issues with wrong states or devices not reacting.

Hello Hans-Jörg
Sorry for my late reply. I had to take a while off with my homeautomation…
Anyways, today I show you what I mean with discrepancies between dSS Admin and openHAB status. Screenshot 1 shows the status of the blind “W” (Wohnzimmer) as open whereas dssAdmin correctly shows it closed… This is, of course, is unreliable and takes out a lot of the advantages… If devices don’t have the status they really have, rules are not working as intended…

Did you try to investigate when this happens?
As I said, I don‘t see those issues in my installation.

What about opening an issue on github with a bit more explanation to reproduce and posting according logs.
Without knowing, developers can‘t step in and fix it, if it is considered a bug.