About Zigbee, source routing, network limit and the Sonoff ZBMINI

Currently having an OH3 on an RPI and a CC2531 with a few Xiaomi/Aqara sensors (<10). Doing research into making my home smarter, looking at light switching options and found the ZBMINI (Zigbee 2-way switch). This in theory, looks like the best solution to me, allowing me to keep (i.e. not throw away) the old rocker switches, plus acting as Zigbee routers expanding the range of the network, plus being in bulk cheaper than smart switches.

Now I am trying to understand the limitations (if any) of a Zigbee network when using the CC2531 as a coordinator, with say 10-15 ZBMINI as routers (plus some sensors, maybe more in the future). My understanding from here is that the CC2531 only has a limit of about 5 nodes and 40 routers that directly connect to it, so I presume that having end nodes connected to the routers, which some of them will connect to other routers to get to the coordinator might not be an issue.

The question is, first, what is the difference between normal and source routing? Do I care, do I need to do something special about it? Do I need to do something special to ensure some routers connect through another router to the coordinator or is this automatically handled?

Does anybody else have such a big router network in a home setup with a CC2531? Do I need, want Z-Stack_3.0.x or should I stick with the 1.2 routing firmware? It looks like 3.0 on CC2531 doesn’t have source routing.

A lot of questions, so sorry for that, hope to find some answers, if not, I’ll just pull the trigger, buy 10 ZBMINI’s and experiment with them and report back here :slight_smile:

Hi Alex,
I found this message, and sorry that it did not seem to get any replies.
I am currently running OH3 (upgraded from OH2) on Linux
I am using the Ember EM35x NCP co-ordinator plugged into the USB of my Server.
Running about 30 Devices now on Zigbee
5 x HUE Dimmer Switches, 2 Hue Movement Sensors, about 10 of the brilliant 3A Smarthome Dimmers
I have recently added the SONOFF ZB gear.
4 x SNZB-01 Buttons - They work Great - Doorbells, or anywhere you want something to happen.
2 x SNZB-03 Movement sensors - work great (ordered more)
3 x ZBMINI Switches - not so great.

My problem with the ZBMINI is you manually switch them off , they will turn back on, then you do it again , and they will stay off. If OH(2 or 3) switches them on or off, sometimes they will not switch.

It is like there is an echo or something between the Zigbee network and OH event bus.

You may have experienced this and found a solution? you can help me.
If you have any questions about my setup, please ask.