Absolute Beginner openHAB2 on QNAP

Hi all,

im a bloody fresh Beginner with openHAB2.

I tried to read all beginner tutorials but quite after the installation I am stuck …

QNAP NAS as Server

Got the openHAB2 2.0.0-3 setup

did it like readme

got to paperUI

can install bindings

can create things

but after the simple bindings I don’t know what to do…

Please be gentle with me :smiley:

Installed Network Binding (found 95% of my Items)

Installed NTP Binding

Installed Astro Binding

Set the right GeoLocations

Now I can see the Astro Binding under Control but most of the Output is “NaN-NaN-NaN NaN:NaN”

Distance is working, Position und Zodiac

I tried to look into the files but I don’t find them on my QNAP, did the Installation like Readme

I am sure you can help me

No Help?