ABUS Privest

Hi All,

I’m having an ABUS Privest alarmsystem which communicates via RS485. I already found some information on the system: rs 485, 9600 baud, 7 or 8 bit, no parity, 1 stop. Sniffing has delivered some information, but I am not able to ‘simulate’ the PC software at the moment.

Is there anyone who has made a connection between OpenHab and ABUS Privest? (I’ve seen the connections between ABUS Secvest but those are via IP, this system doesn’t have an IP connection).

What I try to achieve is knowing which sensor is activated. Goal is to know which window or door is opened and use that within OpenHab (for example: turning off the heating automatically when a window is open).

Since the sensors use 868 MHz, sniffing them would also be enough. However: I have a CUL 868 MHz device which can’t detect / read the information (does receive other signals and isn’t broken).

Please, help??

Cheers. H.