ABUS Secvest FUAA50000 Binding

Hi all,

I am interested in developing an ABUS Secvest FUAA50000 binding. But I am not sure, if
a) already a binding exists or somebody started development
b) somebody already tried and failed… (learnings please!)

Additionally: Somebody interested to help me? I did not code professionally for >10 years… Eclipse was pretty new that time… not stable at all.

So far I know that the FUAA5000 provides a non-official REST interface. But the interface seems to be quite simple, maintenance may become an issue.



I am not sure if the FUAA500000 is somehow compatible with my FUAA10011 (Abus Secvest IP), but I have at least some findings, which might help.

Those are the curl commands to the web interface to activate, deactivate the system, read the states (opening sensors, alarm state, etc.).

If it helps, I could share them.


As far as I know the “Secvest IP” and new (>2015) “Secvest” are not compatible concerning the interfaces. For the FUAA50000 a REST interface exists, which is my starting point:



you can e. g. get the all “zones” (sensors etc.) for “Partition 1” including the zone status in REST format:

        "id": "222",
        "name": "MyWindowSensorInTheKitchen",
        "state": "closed",
        "inner": false,
        "omittable": false,
        "omitted": false }, 

I will start next week… Have to make myself comfortable with Openhab binding development first.

You are possibly right. does not return anything :frowning:

Hi André,
have you had any success in developing this binding?
I would be highly interested, but lacking programming skills.