Abus shgw10000 z-wave binding

I recently installed a qubino flush dimmer 0-10v on my ventilator and connected it to a ABUS Z-wave gateway SHGW10000 that I purchased just for that purpose. But now I see I can’t find them in the list on the Z-Wave Binding. Can you help me?

You are welcome to add it to the community supported binding, The reference guide is here.

It seems to me that this device is not a simple ZWave stick. This is a smart home system provided by Abus, and will not therefore be compatible with the ZWave binding. From a quick look, it will require a specific binding to support this system and I’m not sure if that exists.

If you want to use the ABUS gateway, then you will need to either use their software, or find a binding for this in openHAB.

Alternatively, you can buy a Z-Wave stick that is compatible with the binding - they are quite cheap, but I guess since you have bought the ABUS gateway, you require this for some other reason?

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