ABUS SHMK10000 - doesn't work

Hi everyone!

I am confuesed. Just for testing purposes I bought some z-Wave sensors (ABUS door and flood), and a wall-plug (Fibaro). The fibaro wall-plug was easy to get running.

  • Platform information:
    • Hardware: RaPi 3
    • OS: Rasbian
    • openHAB version: 2.5.4

Paper UI Things:



and the Control doesn’t signal any state:

the *.item config file:

Switch		C_Office_Power			"Lampe"								<poweroutlet>   (C_Office, gPower)		["Switch", "Switchable"]	{channel="zwave:device:1ab4f005:node5:switch_binary"}
Number		C_Office_Power_Watt		"Steckdosen Leistung [%.0f W]"		<energy>		(C_Office, gPower)		["Switch"]					{channel="zwave:device:1ab4f005:node5:sensor_power"}

Switch		C_Office_Door			"Tür"								<door>          (C_Office, gDoor)		["Door", "Alarm"]			{channel="zwave:device:1ab4f005:node4:alarm_access"}
Number		C_Office_Door_Battery	"Türkontakt Batterie [%d %%]"		<batterylevel> 	(C_Office, gDoor)		["Door"]					{channel="zwave:device:1ab4f005:node4:battery-level"}

Is there any hope getting these sensors, ABUS SHMK10000 and ABUS SHWM10000 running??
Any idea what’s wrong?

Thank you for your help!

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The Paper UI is not designed for operation, only administration of OH. I have seen where the Paper UI is incorrect but using the Basic UI works as expected.

It’s possible that these are not entered into the database correctly, but since it is in there, it is safe to assume that at least one other person is using them and that they would have said something if they were not working.



Start with turning on debug logging for the binding and confirming the devices are reporting events.

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how to start a debug for the binding?

the log doesn’t show any action of the door sensor…
The wall-plug controlled by paper ui takes effect on the log:

but how to start the debug??


You need to be in the Karaf console for those commands.

openhab-cli console password habopen. logout to exit the console.

We have only a limited number of ways to tell people to read the fine manual / documentation. :wink:

I’ve the same problem. I tried to change the configuration so that the device will send it’s updates to the controller but nothing happens.